10 things I’m happy about right now

That first post was somewhat of a downer, so here are some things that are great about life right now,

10.  There is a new season of America’s Next Top Model.  It’s trash television, but I can’t get enough.   

9.  My husband makes a big batch of tabbouleh for me once a week.  I love the stuff, but lack the patience for all that chopping.  C does not understand my fascination with it, but makes it for me anyway.  And for once a food that I love is not all that bad for me.

8.  We’re out of debt.  Well, we have a mortgage and a car payment, but our “consumer debt” is paid off.  Finally.

7.  My daisy van!  I’ve always wanted cute daisies all over my car and now I have them!  If only I could find those daisy hubcaps I saw on a VW bug somewhere… and have them actually fit my wheels.

                                                                     Daisy Van

6.  The paint colors on the walls in the condo.  I love every single one of them and wouldn’t change a thing.  Considering that C and I agree on the colors, this is a miraculous thing.

5.  Tivo – Best thing ever, especially when we have an erratic evening schedule at the theatre.

4.  Hand embroidery projects.  Most of my craft/sewing stuff is packed away in storage waiting for a bigger house to spread out in, so hand embroidery is keeping my crafting brain busy.  I’m happily stitching away on the Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowels from Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy.

3. The lavender sachets that I’ve tucked all over my house.

2.  Real live friends that I can drop in on spontaneously and who have me over to dinner during the week when C is working.

1.  Waking up in the morning to Baby Bear smiling and saying “Look mama, it’s a bright sunny day” reguardless of the actual weather outside.  To Baby Bear it’s always a bright sunny day.  I strive to see the world through his eyes.


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  1. I LOOOOVE America’s Next Top Model! It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

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