Along with my camera vanishing, so had H’s favorite shoes.  The only shoes he wears without complaints.  Most beloved elephant shoes:

So today after soccer class (and the screaming tantrum that occurred on the way to soccer because he didn’t want to wear his only other pair of shoes that fit) we trekked down to our local kids shoe store and tried on 14 (not an exaggeration) different pairs of shoes before we found one pair that H would consent to keeping on his feet for more than a nanosecond.  I’m not crazy about them, though the lack of a screaming tantrum appealed to me.  And they do pass my super-flexy shoe test, so we left the store with new shoes.

As Murphy’s law dictates, I later found H’s most beloved elephant shoes and along with them… my camera!  *cue choir of angels*  It was in the same bag as H’s shoes, of course.

And my minivan comes home tomorrow.  So happy!  And after reading the damage summary from my body shop I’m so grateful that I don’t have to pay for any of it.  The repairs cost more than I currently owe on the car.  You could in fact buy the rental car I’m currently driving for the cost of repairing my minivan… apparently those power doors are really tricky to fix.  When I spoke to the mechanic they were in the process of detailing my car.  The silver lining in my whole car saga is that my car will be much much cleaner than it has been in many moons.


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