Bubbles at the Park

Bubbles at the Park

Our local MOMS club had a bubble day at the park this morning.  We had several dish tubs full of bubble solution, two water tables, one bubble machine, and a dozen or so happy, soapy kids.  It was a beautiful overcast, just windy enough for bubbles sort of day.  The kids had a great time and I only had to chase H down and bring him back to the group once. 

 In other news, I just got a new lens for my camera. The UPS guy (who I sadly see way too often) just dropped it off. Yay! It’s a 50mm portrait lens with a ridiculously low 1.4 f-stop. With my ISO cranked all the way up I can practically take pictures in the dark. And of course it blurs the heck out of the background which is great because then I don’t have to worry so much about all the clutter in the house. I had to try it out immediately and H is sleeping, so this is what I got:


Pretty darn good for a dark room, with the shade drawn, on an overcast day, and no lights on.  Not great compisition, but I didn’t want to risk a shortened naptime just to set up a better angle. 


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