New sewing machine

My oldest sewing machine (and the only one that was not buried in our storage unit awaiting the day when I might once again have a dedicated space to craft in) is dead.  It was a good simple little machine that made it all the way through college, despite the marathon sewing sessions and the flat out abuse it recieved (bustle gowns have lots of layers… that’s all I’m saying).  Anyway, it’s dead and apparently would cost more to repair than I orginally paid for it, so I bought a new machine.  No I didn’t really need it.  Yes I have two perfectly good sewing machines buried in the storage unit, but really I just wanted it, flat out, no excuses.  All the shiny little buttons and things are making me happy.  And I can sew without the pedal!  Without the pedal!!!  Whoever heard of such a thing.  It’s awesome. 

And here is the inaugural project, this cute little Amy Butler sunhat that I’ve been covetting for a while and just in time for spring:

sun hat

Now maybe I won’t have to coat my face in sunblock every 30 minutes at the pool this summer. 

Anyway, I love my new machine.  I haven’t chosen what to make next.  It’s between a new valance for H’s room or this Amy Butler bag.


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