Liquid Watercolors

Today we played with one of my favorite art supplies (and conveniently it requires very little set up and clean up). Liquid Watercolor comes in a great variety of colors and H loves using it.  We use it in lots of different ways, but my easy go to tool is definitely bingo bottles.

liquid watercolor

Bingo bottles are great, just the right size for small hands.  H likes to bang them down onto the paper and make “pokey things”.  And recently he’s been branching out into some color mixing, for a long time he was a in a “one color per piece of paper” phase.

liquid watercolor

liquid watercolor

 liquid watercolor



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2 responses to “Liquid Watercolors

  1. these are gorgeous.. where do you get bingo bottles from?

  2. Hi Bobbie, the bingo bottles are from Discount School Supply. I think I’ve also seen them in the Oriental Trading Company catalog.

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