Spontaneous weekend

C and I are not great planners.  Well we’re fine with the long off plans, but when it gets down to the wire dealing with the tiny details is not either of our strong suits.  As a result we tend to just not plan things very often.  However if others want to plan things we will frequently commit to following the plans and that is how we ended up at the Global Wildlife Center this past weekend.

Global wildlife is a 900 acre wildlife refuge full of zebras, giraffes, bison, cattle, various types of deer, llamas, etc.  You can take an 1 1/2 tram ride through the park and feed all of the various critters.  Some will eat right out of your hands (llamas and giraffes), some will steal your feed cup and guzzle it down right as they walk away, and some you are warned repeatedly to not put your hands anywhere near them because they are really mean and they bite (zebras).  We had a great time, though H was annoyed that we wouldn’t let him off the tram to go and play on the playground… which was at the time surrounded by zebras.  We’re not sure why there was a play ground out in that part of the park, next time I’ll have to remember to ask.
Nose to Nose

However when the tour was over instead of turning around and coming home, we pointed the car in the other direction toward Baton Rouge and went off in search of lunch.  C’s reasoning was that we were already most of the way to Baton Rouge so we might as well eat there as go home and eat in one of the five restaurants we frequent.  Seemed reasonable, of course we got lost somewhat and it was about 4 pm before we found the restaurant we were looking for… which was next door to a Barnes and Noble.

H is obsessed with Barnes and Noble, he gets this happy gleam in his eye when he sees one, and since C and I love the book store probably as much as H does (C and I use to go there on dates when we were young and broke).  H requests the book store as soon as he sees and so after our lunch turned dinner we “relent” and go to Barnes and Noble.

Three hours later it is dark and rainy and neither of us want to drive home.  And in the driving around looking for the place we wanted to eat lunch we saw a sign for the LSU theatre production of Hair.  C knows I love this musical so he suggests we spend the night in BR and go to the matinee of Hair the next day.  So after another hour of driving around debating and checking at the box office to see if they have any tickets for tomorrow available (the box office was closed by the time we got there), we find a hotel and crash.

It turned out that Hair was sold out. Oh well, across the street was a 4-H exhibit. We saw lots of bugs, fish, and live stock. They had an incubater full of hatching eggs. H saw the baby chicks working their way out of the eggs and was upset. The “mama” hens were in another pen close by and H went over to the men who were in charge of that exhibit and told them that the mamas and babys were very sad because they wanted to be together. That’s my little AP baby.

Nearby there was a big pen full of baby chicks and H got to hold one. He kept whispering to it and nodding a lot. I think they were hatching a plan to reunite the babies with their mothers (ouch, I did not intend that pun).
baby chick

All in all a very good weekend.  I would have liked to have seen Hair again, but I was having second thoughts about bring my 3 year old along too.


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