Spray Art @ the park

Our MOMS Club had a water day at the park today and along with several water tables and a fleet of water toys we had a really fun art project.

spray art 3

We draped a couple of sheets over the railings and provided the kids with spray bottles filled with watered down tempera paint in several different colors and then just let them go. H had a great time with this. He spent the majority of the time painting the sheet (or other kids… gentle redirection was needed occasionally).

spray art 1

Adding dish soap to the mixture really helps with clean up. After we were done, we tossed the sheets into the wash and they came out clean and ready for next time. I’m sure we’ll be doing this a lot. The kids loved it.

spray art 2



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5 responses to “Spray Art @ the park

  1. They came out clean? I wonder what mixture to use to have it not come out? great park idea!

  2. To get it to not wash out… hmm… maybe food coloring (that stuff never seems to wash out of our clothes) then ironing on high to set it?

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  4. Hello-

    I am building a new web site on activities for kinds 1-10. I am writing a page on kids spray painting and came across your page. I love the photos on this page and was wandering if I could use them on my page. I will give you credit for the photos. Please let me know if this is ok. Thank you. 🙂 Jen

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