Who Me?

Hi, I’m Kara, a costume designer turned stay at home mom living in the deep south.  And I’m currently trying to shake off a serious case of wanderlust.

2 responses to “Who Me?

  1. Hi, Kara. The photo of Henry sleeping is one of the most precious shots I’ve ever seen (says this mommy of two little ones). Also, could anything be better than those birthday morning shots? The natural light, the great color schemes. I’m wondering what kind of camera you used for this shot? I have a great Canon D40 that sadly has seen little use since my husband gifted it to me last Dec (still need to buy a case, so can’t take it out of the house, and still intimidated by what I don’t yet know about it).

    I also adore those shorts. I’ve just got to find time to be more creative!

    in Maryland

  2. Hey Jean,

    Thanks for stopping by! I think all the photos you mentioned I took with my Canon rebel. Nothing super fancy there, but I did use my really great new lens that I’m in love with. It’s a 50mm lens with a bottom apature of 1.4. It’s wonderful for those indoor natural light pics. I keep the apature wide open and the film speed high most of the time and then I run everything through a noise filter after I download.

    I know what you mean about being scared about taking the camera out of the house. I have a little pocket camera that I keep with me most of the time because I don’t like to haul the big one around with me unless I know we’re going somewhere that I’m specifically going to want to take pictures.


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