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Happy Halloween

Halloween 2008


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More Birthday stuff

The sewing machine was whirring well into the early morning hours last night, but I finished up Henry’s* new birthday bunting, all 9 yards of it.

Birthday Bunting

I pulled the colors for his party of out of some an Amy Butler striped fabric that I love and everything just took off from there. There were several brown and turquoise batik fabrics on sale at our local fabric store that matched really nicely. I’m happy with how it turned out.

I set out Henry’s birthday ring and his new felt ocean cake from Twinkle-Kids

Felt Cake and Birthday Ring

Henry’s eyes lit up this morning when he came downstairs and he bounced up and down and shouted “I’m Bigger!”
(*I’m tired of initials so I’m going to pseudonyms, it feels really awkward to type the wrong names though)

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H’s birthday invitations

Woohoo, they’re here! Thank you to the wonderful and talented Sarah at CocoBlu Studio. I fell in love with her Rock and Roll invitations the first time I saw them and perfect for H who has loved every musical instrament he’s ever seen.

H's Birthday invitation

We bought the birthday pack which comes with invitations, thank you cards, and return address labels.
Thank you cards

I love everything about these. The invitations have the directions to our party on the back along with another picture of H, and on the inside of the thank you note there is a very light, watermark type, image of H holding a guitar. They’re beautiful.

I also went to Zazzle and had matching stickers and photo stamps made. Overboard? Yes, I admit it. But it sure is fun.

In other news, the other day we went to play at the place that we’re having H’s party. When I told H where we were going he got really excited, looked himself up and down, and said “Am I bigger?” It took me just a minute to realize he thought it was his birthday.

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Overheard in the playroom

H says to Little C “but I don’t want to be the princess, they never get to do anything but lie there.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

Little C didn’t want to be the princess either, so now they’re both music conductors.

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I’m afraid I’ll break the spell, but…

H just fell asleep in his own bed (and at his own request) for the very first time ever.  I did not even stay in the room until he was asleep.  I’d say pinch me, but if I’m sleeping I really don’t want to wake up.

 I get to be on the computer and watch ANTM, by myself… if only I had some Ben and Jerry’s it would be a trifecta.

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