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H’s birthday invitations

Woohoo, they’re here! Thank you to the wonderful and talented Sarah at CocoBlu Studio. I fell in love with her Rock and Roll invitations the first time I saw them and perfect for H who has loved every musical instrament he’s ever seen.

H's Birthday invitation

We bought the birthday pack which comes with invitations, thank you cards, and return address labels.
Thank you cards

I love everything about these. The invitations have the directions to our party on the back along with another picture of H, and on the inside of the thank you note there is a very light, watermark type, image of H holding a guitar. They’re beautiful.

I also went to Zazzle and had matching stickers and photo stamps made. Overboard? Yes, I admit it. But it sure is fun.

In other news, the other day we went to play at the place that we’re having H’s party. When I told H where we were going he got really excited, looked himself up and down, and said “Am I bigger?” It took me just a minute to realize he thought it was his birthday.


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Color mixing

More fun with eye droppers! I broke out the eye droppers and the food coloring again today for a little bit of color theory. H has been really interested in what colors you mix together to make other colors, so instead of answering the same question about what happens when you mix red and yellow together, I thought I’d let him experiment and find out himself. He really loved this activity and spend about an hour and half mixing colors together and excitedly announcing what colors he’d made.

Color mixing

The set up is simple, three bottles with food colored water in them, 4 small clear bowls for mixing new colors (one for each secondary colors and an extra one for experiments), a tiny spoon for mixing, a bucket for dumping out the mixed colors and a sponge for clean up. Oh and a white tray so that the true colors are easy to see.

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Birthday Crown

H’s birthday is coming up fast. I just finished up his birthday crown. He picked the colors, I picked the ribbon.

The last crown I made ended up growing some how during the cutting process, but this one stayed true to size. Thanks to SouleMama for the inspiration.

Next up birthday bunting in lime green, tourquoise, and chocolate brown.

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Eye Droppers

Our show has closed and we’re back at home full time. After a couple of days of laying around doing nothing we’re fully recuperated and itching for something new to do. Lately H has been wanting to write, but he’s been frustrated with his lack of control. Some fine motor activies might help out with that, so enter the eye dropper. Eye droppers require a lot of co-ordination and promote a great tri-pod grip.

H had a great time with this and spent about 30 mintues transfering water back and forth between the two shot glasses. I tinted the water with food coloring so that it was easier to see in the glasses and inside the eye dropper.

If y’all have any ideas for other fine motor activities, I’d love to hear them.

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Spray Art @ the park

Our MOMS Club had a water day at the park today and along with several water tables and a fleet of water toys we had a really fun art project.

spray art 3

We draped a couple of sheets over the railings and provided the kids with spray bottles filled with watered down tempera paint in several different colors and then just let them go. H had a great time with this. He spent the majority of the time painting the sheet (or other kids… gentle redirection was needed occasionally).

spray art 1

Adding dish soap to the mixture really helps with clean up. After we were done, we tossed the sheets into the wash and they came out clean and ready for next time. I’m sure we’ll be doing this a lot. The kids loved it.

spray art 2


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