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Handprint Snowmen Ornaments

We’ve finished and mailed all of our ornaments for the ornament swap.  I think they turned out really cute, in fact we made extras for the grandparents (none of whom read this blog, so I can post about them now).

We started with plain ball ornaments.  Since they need to travel through the mail and little children frequently visit our house we went with plastic.  The only smallish plastic ones in our local store had this sort of holographic plastic wrap stuff on them which Henry really likes because it’s sparkly.  I think the paint would have adhered a little bit better if they’d had a mat or frosted finish though. 

First we painted Henry’s fingers and the top part of the palm of his hand with white acrylic craft paint, they become the four snowman on the ornament.  He did this part by himself after we did the first one.

Next I had him hold his hand palm up and I placed the ornament in his hand. Henry squeezed the ball tight and then let go as I held on to the top hook of the ornament (sorry for the blurry picture):

Cute little hand-print snowmen:

After we finished with all the hand-prints, I sat down with some paint pens and drew on the faces, arms, buttons, scarves, and hats.

After they were dry I took them outside and sprayed them with a clear sealant.

We also made matching Christmas card/gift tags using a white stamp pad and embossing powder instead of acrylic paint. On most of the cards we used markers instead of paint pens and so Henry could do a lot of the drawing faces and accessories on those.


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Birthday Crown

A couple of shots of the Birthday Crown we made for one of H’s friends:

Birthday Crown          Birthday Crown

H had to try it on for me for to check the size.  I made the pattern for it from one of his dress up crowns, but as is often the case the pattern grew when I wasn’t looking.  I’m really not sure how it happened this time, I mean there was only one pattern piece, no seam allowances, and felt doesn’t stretch… so I’m not sure how that happened.  Fortunately it fits on H’s head without slipping down, so it should fit A as well.  And since it also fits me, she’ll be able to use it for a long long time.

Thanks to Soule Mama for the inspiration

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