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Color mixing

More fun with eye droppers! I broke out the eye droppers and the food coloring again today for a little bit of color theory. H has been really interested in what colors you mix together to make other colors, so instead of answering the same question about what happens when you mix red and yellow together, I thought I’d let him experiment and find out himself. He really loved this activity and spend about an hour and half mixing colors together and excitedly announcing what colors he’d made.

Color mixing

The set up is simple, three bottles with food colored water in them, 4 small clear bowls for mixing new colors (one for each secondary colors and an extra one for experiments), a tiny spoon for mixing, a bucket for dumping out the mixed colors and a sponge for clean up. Oh and a white tray so that the true colors are easy to see.


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Eye Droppers

Our show has closed and we’re back at home full time. After a couple of days of laying around doing nothing we’re fully recuperated and itching for something new to do. Lately H has been wanting to write, but he’s been frustrated with his lack of control. Some fine motor activies might help out with that, so enter the eye dropper. Eye droppers require a lot of co-ordination and promote a great tri-pod grip.

H had a great time with this and spent about 30 mintues transfering water back and forth between the two shot glasses. I tinted the water with food coloring so that it was easier to see in the glasses and inside the eye dropper.

If y’all have any ideas for other fine motor activities, I’d love to hear them.

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