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From the sewing nook…

Linen shorts

These shorts have been sitting on my sewing table for a while now. I finished them over a month ago, but they needed a little something. I love this new ribbon by Jessica Jones. It’s cute without being “cutesy” and Henry really loves them.

Ribbon available fromj caroline creative.

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Whew! My sewing marathon is almost over.

I’m almost finished sewing party favors for Henry’s party. I’m making drawstring backpacks and crayon rolls for each of the kids.

                    Drawstring backpacks

Crayon Roll   Crayon Roll 3   Crayon Roll 2           

I made the outer fabric long enough so that it can fold over the crayons when it’s rolled up.  That way the crayons can’t fall slip out during transit, but it’s still really easy to slide the crayons into the slots.  This is the roll I made for Henry, the crayons are washable trianguler crayons from Crayola.  My plan is to use this  when we go out to eat and the triangle crayons don’t roll so I won’t constantly be chasing crayons under the table. The crayon rolls for the goody bags have regular round crayons in them.

Each one of the backpacks has a luggage tag with each of the kids first initial on it.  If I get time tomorrow I’m going to make some covered sticky notebooks that I saw over at greetingarts.


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More Birthday stuff

The sewing machine was whirring well into the early morning hours last night, but I finished up Henry’s* new birthday bunting, all 9 yards of it.

Birthday Bunting

I pulled the colors for his party of out of some an Amy Butler striped fabric that I love and everything just took off from there. There were several brown and turquoise batik fabrics on sale at our local fabric store that matched really nicely. I’m happy with how it turned out.

I set out Henry’s birthday ring and his new felt ocean cake from Twinkle-Kids

Felt Cake and Birthday Ring

Henry’s eyes lit up this morning when he came downstairs and he bounced up and down and shouted “I’m Bigger!”
(*I’m tired of initials so I’m going to pseudonyms, it feels really awkward to type the wrong names though)

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Birthday Crown

H’s birthday is coming up fast. I just finished up his birthday crown. He picked the colors, I picked the ribbon.

The last crown I made ended up growing some how during the cutting process, but this one stayed true to size. Thanks to SouleMama for the inspiration.

Next up birthday bunting in lime green, tourquoise, and chocolate brown.

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Birthday Crown

A couple of shots of the Birthday Crown we made for one of H’s friends:

Birthday Crown          Birthday Crown

H had to try it on for me for to check the size.  I made the pattern for it from one of his dress up crowns, but as is often the case the pattern grew when I wasn’t looking.  I’m really not sure how it happened this time, I mean there was only one pattern piece, no seam allowances, and felt doesn’t stretch… so I’m not sure how that happened.  Fortunately it fits on H’s head without slipping down, so it should fit A as well.  And since it also fits me, she’ll be able to use it for a long long time.

Thanks to Soule Mama for the inspiration

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New spring shorts

New shorts
Orginally they were suppose to have turned up cuffs, but they weren’t staying up at all, so I turned them up and stitched them down.  Same effect, much less annoying.  The gingham only goes up a couple inches on the inside, but I think the next pair I make will be fully lined/reversable and I’ll just sew on the contrast cuff like I would with binding.

I need some way to mark the back to making it easier for H to successfully dress himself.  These have a piece of twill tape I sewed in like a tag, but if I make them lined and reversible I won’t want to put a tag on the waistband.  Maybe back pockets? 


I like the way the tabs at the cuffs turned out.  And the button hole settting on my new sewing machine works like a dream.

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